About my Retreat:

This group is for selected members who love to create, have fun and enjoy a weekend away...

For others who may be interested in the retreat next February 2021 at our usual location Hampton Inn and Suites of Cape Cod in 99 Main Street West Yarmouth, MA 508-862-9010 :


Hello my quilting peeps, thank you so much for such a fun retreat. We had a few new comers and this happens from time to time which is fine with me. Next years is already being planned. I was so thrilled that the folks who came had such a good time. 


So I have secured the conference room for 2021 quilting retreat. The dates are Thursday 2/26/20201thru Monday 3/1/20201 We can be in the conference room beginning at noon time on the 26th and is available 24/7 throughout the retreat.  These dates make it so we don't have to deal with a holiday, school vacation or any other events like MQX East. So I will also be sending out an email so people can respond that way as well. if you haven't given me your email address please do so either in a private message on Facebook or you can email me at either of these email addresses: quiltingsally44@gmail.com or sallykromberg@hotmail.com. Please put Cape Cod Spring Quilt Retreat in the subject line.

First off this group is for members who love to create, have fun and enjoy a weekend away.

There are a few changes for this years retreat. As I had reached out during this year during the retreat fun we had a discussion on a few housekeeping issues. Here are some of the changes. These changes are incorporated due to usual inflation issues throughout the area.
1) Retreat cost is $100.00 non refundable. This includes free WIFI, Free Full buffet breakfast and dinner for the first night. Many of us usually bring things to drink and munch on as well as food items for lunch. As a group or separately there are places to go out to dinner or order in. 
2) Room rate for the hotel stays the same at $99.00 per night.
3) Registration Form will be required to be filled out, and sent back to me via email or snail mail. This registration form will be email out the August prior to the retreat. 
4) Day folks are welcome to join us for the same cost. The day folks that join us are able to enjoy the WIFI and free full buffet breakfast. I just need to know who is a day person and who will be participating in breakfast so I can inform the hotel ahead of time. So that they can add to their order and have plenty of goodies.

No changes will take place with day people. The same charge for day people as for the people who stay at the hotel.

I think this is reasonable to ask as I have been doing this and do put a lot of work into it I hope all of you will join in on the fun. I think this years retreat went very well and I wish I had posted pictures of everyone's projects. I also would like to see if a class on a certain project would be accepted. I spoke to an individual who may agree to teach a class. Thoughts and concerns. I want to here your thoughts on these changes. Hope to hear from you all soon. #ilovemycapecodspringquiltretreat #quiltologistreasures




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