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Wishing everyone a very a Happy and Healthy New Year!!!

December 30, 2017

 As we end 2017 we can take the time to reflex on all that has happened. I decided to take a look back at all that happened to me and write a post on everything that has happened to me good and bad. As I go through Facebook posts Twitter and Pinterest feeds I see that there has been a ton that has happened.  At the beginning of the year I lost my patient, who lived to a ripe old age of 98 I think is memory serves me right. She was a power house of a lady. Took care of her for 7 and a half years. I loved taking care of her.. We'll call her Mavis to protect the identity of her and her family. She was what people would describe as a elite prim and proper lady. The wife of a scientist. Two children, both accomplished in their respected fields. Two grandchildren both very cultured and the eldest is currently working on her masters and following in her grandfather's footsteps. I was blessed to work for such a generous family. Mavis, had spunt, reserved but when she got her dander up, watch out... Well at the end of Jan 2016 Miss Mavis had past from many years of fighting a dibilitaing illness. Miss Mavis will be missed and I hope her family will know how very special she really was.


I was two yrs in February my son entered the arm forces and joined the United States Airforce. I am so very proud of him and even more proud of his better half that she is now in nursing school. She will be a fabulous nurse... The are currently living down south, and doing very well.


I hosted my spring quilt retreat for the secon year and had a blast with all that were able to attend. This year will be year three and it has grown even bigger that I could ever imagine. I hardly can wait to attend as I host this retreat at the hotel I currently work at. My bosses there are the best of the best and I couldn't be more blessed to work with the staff I do... We have so much fun it's kind of funny that we even do any work... Like in every job there are good and bad points that make a job stressful. With this job those stressers are so far and few between that it isn't even worth mentioning.... So yes Blessed is truly what I am... Best job ever...


This year I was able to do a bit of travel, as I went to the Maine Quilt Show withmy friend Linda. Now here's where things get interesting. I told you I work at a hotel. The Hampton Inn and Suites of Cape Cod is not only a great place to work but there are bennys one would never think of when working in a hotel. One of the best things I get as an employee is that I can book a room anywhere that is a Hiltom owned prpoerty and as an employee if there is an employee room available the cost is dirt cheap, I mean dirt cheap. Where else can you work and get a room for 35- per night even a 5star hotel that has the best of the best accomodations could be at least 300 to 400 dollars per night. And as an employee I pay 35- cannot get better than that. Plus there are other wonderful perks that make things just so delightlful that I can hardly believe it...


What was even great about this trip is that Linda and I shared the cost of the room making it $17.50 per night for both of us. 

We took quilting classes and the cost of the room made it much easier to be able to treat ourselves to yummy fabric and other goodies.


Then I had a wonderful surprise in the middle of all of this. The best of the best surprise. My son and his better half Kelsie  came fpr a visit. The day they arrived they phoned me and told me they were 12 hrs away. Not much notice to get the house together, make up his room with clean linen and then to top it off I needed to go grocery shopping. I surely wasn't supplied with near enough food for two more people. So off to the store I went. almost $400- later I was plenty stocked with the necessities needed for a decent visit. 


Then he had to leave. One thing a mother never wants to see is her baby fly the coop. But nontheless he flew. 

 Thos was taken the day before he left... I am so very proud of both of my boys. They have come a long way from the rebelis teenage shanaagin years. #ilovemyboystothemoonandback


So summer 2017 was finally coming to an end and the season of Autumn was upon us. Autumn in New England is absolutley breath taking. The changing color of the leaves makes me think of a festive fruit salad. 



Now we can relflect on the last half of the year. I chose a while ago to chat with a friend who has given me some very good advice. I decided to chsnge a few things business wise. I decided to close Sally's Quilting Corner Sew It! Quilt It! Love It!. Website, Facebook, and blog will end December 31st 2017 and this my new business name"Quiltologistreasures" is my new and exciting adventure. I have created a new website and this my blog. Click on this link and check out all I have to offer: 


I am happy to announce that this along with new exciting thinfs I have created are what is in store for all of you for 2018.  


Along with all of this, I became a Certified instructor with Sulky Thread of America and I look forward to showing you and teaching your sewing group what new classes I have to offer this year. 


Now that is a lot of pretty exciting news. I did say there was a bit of bad news. It has some good to it so don't you all grab your tissues an cry your eyes out yet. Anyway, towards the end of this year I was diagnosed with stage 1 Breast Cancer and was blessed it didn't affect the lymph nodes. I was told at the beginning that I would need radiation to treat and shrink my lump. This to date has been successful... I have had 11 of 12 treatments. Now my treatments took longer than normal because I also have Fibromyalgia. This is both an autoimmune and neurological disease that affects the nerve cell ending and cause them to become inflammed. Well I am blessed beyond words to have the doctors I do have. They are not only careful with how they treat my illness but how they protect me from harm of a treatment that could cause me more harm than good. So with that said the radiation that normally would be one treatment consecutively after another until the 12 treatments were complete took 12 weeks. After the first treatment they determined the strength of the radiation was so high, it exacerbated my Fibromyalgia so much I was in extreme pain. So they plan of care changed from daily to weekly treatments, making it 3 months of treatments. And the treatment was at half strength as to not cause me too much pain and fatigued. I also will have to go through more genetic testing as 12 years ago I was told I had mutations of the BRACA Gene. There wasn't all the testing then that there is now. I was told last week I needed to have more testing as I wasn't tested for mutations of the gene 12 yrs ago because it wasn't available. My but modern science has come a long way. So that is my next step. However I am happy to report the lump has shrunk and my markers are better than that have been. It was suggested that I do start a hormone based oral chemotherapy. The length of time hasn't been determined at this point in time. I will ahve to wait til the genetic tests are back. I have for all intense purposes have done a great deal of research to be proactive and to be as educated as much as I can be, because I want to make an informed decision on whether or not to go through chemotherapy or go the the more drastic measure of a mastectomy. Truth be told this is my third time with breat cancer and I can honestly say I have had just about all I can take as a 52 yr old female who feel like she is in her 80's. I have absolutely no time for this crap and have far more exciting things to do with my life than be sick with this crap...

Remember this phrase everyone: "I am woman hear me roar!!!!"


As we enter into 2018 I want you all to remember to take a look back to see all that has gone on, see how you can make things better, and to find a way to be successful happy and healthy. Don't take the simple things for granted as hands us many obsticles. I am wishing all of my friends here to be happy and healthy and to enjoy your New Years celebration. Be safe and til 2018:


 From my family to yours:


Sally Johnson






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