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Creative Passion for Profit via Facebook

February 16, 2018

This is a five day challenge Morna McEver Golletz from Creative Pssion for Profit Facebook page has been doing. Her challenges have a question or questions everyday for 5 days. This challenge message was from Wednesday February 14th. I have enjoyed her challenges as it has mad me grow as a person in this business. I learn something new everyday.

This challenge question was: How would you describe your ideal buyer? How old is this person? Where do they live? What else do they like to do? Where can you find this ideal buyer? Online or offline? What is your ideal buyer's need? What is their biggest problem? What is the solution that you provide to this problem?

Most of my peeps are on socil media, they also go to LQS or quilt shows and I connect with them in many ways. I have always been known to be a person who is open and honest and most helpful. My students friends in this industry connect with me through many social media outlets, email, text or on the phone some even want to get together for lunch and just hang so we can brainstorm on future projects. One group I taught a free motion quilting class on a domestic machine and taught them how to quilt with rulers invited me to quilt with them on a weekend. They wanted to have ideas on retreats. I am blessed beyond belief that I have met so many to hangout with. Brainstorming about retreats and giving each other ideas to have a fun retreat weekend. I would love to connect with them more frequently however I do try to communicate via social media or email. I do get together at least once monthly with a group of sewers and and many of them are former students that often come to me for advice. For this I feel I am blessed. The humble feeling one gets to know I have students who come to me because they trust my advice. . My statagy is that of keeping open communication I offer my students friends the opportunity to connect with me 24/7 via email or here on Facebook on my business page: Quiltologistreasures to ask whatever is on their mind. My goal is that I can answer them within a few hours. I never if I can at all help it forget to address someone. Open communication is what is key in my business. #ICAPCreativePassiontoProfit

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