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How to Raise Responsible Adults: What Today's Millenniums Don't Know

April 24, 2018

I had a very constructive conversation this morning with my very best friend about todays youth, better known as today's Millenniums. Today's parents seem to think and this isn't for all parents but large majority of them are raising todays children not to be responsible, accountable, or even close to being informative enough to handle simple everyday tasks. Are they book smart, yes for the most part they are however, to except failure for losing a game, not getting that favorite job, or how to handle loss. Remember this doesn't pertain to everyone just the majority of today's youth. ages 14 through 28. 


When I was growing up I was raised in a family where both parents had to work. We weren't rich by any means of the word. So, me and my brother and sister had to learn very early in life how to do everyday tasks. Cook dinner, dust, vaccuum, laundry, making beds. and yard work. We all were able to get at least a highschool education, I was lucky to have been able to obtain a Bachelors In Nursing. I was incredibly blessed to be able to be part of that experience. I taught my children all the basics. Everything listed above and then some. My children were even taught in school how to write in penmanship. This isn't even taught in school anymore. The basics of home economics are also not taught. Even the technicals schools which my oldest attended didn't get what he should have out of the program of construction. Having a father who works in the trade has helped him but if you signed up for a shop at a technical school such as Carpentry don't you think you would learn the basics. Ya not so much. Millenninals of today cannot do some of the most simplests of tasks which I have witnessed personally. They have no customer service skills: Hello How are you is a great start when you are in the line at the grocery store. Have a good day is another biggie. Or how about counting back change without the register or computer telling you what the change is. We have done a complete diservice to our children. 

Tell me how many children today know about healthy competition. Can they handle a loss. In my day (Gee I sound like an ole bitty)! We were taught the basics your born, you live and when that times comes in life, however you or old you may be you eventually die. Death is part of life. It hurts it's ok. You will survive. Grief is something everyone handles in their own way. Time heals all wounds. When losing a competition in a sporting event one team has to lose. But in todays competition we have to reward everyone because someone will get their feelings hurt. Whatever happen to encouraging your children if they lose at a game that it's ok, just see where you went wrong and try at the next game to make it better. We all have good qualities. Young and old. It's healthy to learn. Stop raising a group of individuals that can't handle disappointment.


Ok here's a huge biggie for me. Our youth of today who go out into the world cannot handle filling out a job application, writing out a check to pay bills or every life skills to survive.  I work in the public sector and watched one day a girl trying to manage how to pay her bills. Money in the account wasn't an issue here. It was her first checking account and she was for the first time paying bills on her own. I might add she was 27 yrs old. Yes I'm telling the truth. She approched me and ask if I minded asking me a simple question. Here goes!!! How do you fill out this check? See my mom helped me open the account and her name is on the account but she isn't here so I am not sure how to pay these bills. I know it's a personal thing to ask of a stranger but my mom told me I had to write these checks out by this date and put them in the mail so the bills would be paid on time. I damn near had my eyes fall out and hit the floor. So me being the kind yet compassionate person I was brought up to be decided to assist the young girl and tell her what to do. She had no idea even how to read the statement the bill was for. See where I am going with this. Her first question was where do I find what I owe. How can parents be so cruel and not teach the basics. I felt nothing but sadness for this poor girl. I showed her where the amount she owed was, then told her to fill out the check. She was baffled beyond words. Her first question was what date do I put on the check. Then she figured out who to make the check out to and where to write the amount in the area where you write the numbers but heres a kicker. What's the line below this for? I said this is where you wrte out the amount in words. She asked why I just wrote it here in this area... See my eyes have fallen out and they are in the pond at the end of the road in amazment. And you have to write the words out because the way I was taught that is technically how the bank is required to cash the check. She was beyond flabergsted. Then she asked what is memo for. Not a very worrisome question but I gave her the knowledge behind why we use the memo. The next was the signature line. What's a signature. I almost spit coffee all over the place... I planly told her that's where you sign you name. In script. She looked baffled when I said script so I used the word Penmanship. Yup still baffled. What the hell have we done with todays youth. Are you kidding me. 



 We quickly got over that and I showed her some basics of keeping track of how to show she paid the bill. Filling out college or job applications is beyond their scope of survival. How about operating the washing machine or cooking a simple nutritious meal from scratch. Ya they have no clue.

Or the common task of preparing for a job interview. Yup still beyond the scope of survival.


Our mothers and fathers taught us basics. Some parents of today teach their children basic life skills. What will todays kids do when mommy and daddy pass. They can't even handle transferring their perscriptions from one pharmacy to another. Calling for a referral to a dr. What are they to do. The time has come to stop coddling todays youth. 

But enough about that. Here's another issue. We have crime issues in this country that the justice system seems to be ignoring. Why aren't these people who break the law held accountable for their actions. This issue stems back to childhood. If I did wrong I was not only grounded but I had to earn what I wanted as luxury back. Key word is EARNED!!!!! We have not held our youth accountable for any wrong doing. When did we begin rewarding bad behavor? Which flows into the subject of our justice system. We have rewarded ILLEGAL Ailens up to recently with a variety of items. Free no payment required. When was it common place in the 90's for someone who came to this country illegally to get housing, healthcare, and a stipend amount of money to survive? I am an American citizen. I had to pay for every single stitch of what I have. No one but no one gave it to me. I EARNED IT!!! Yes I am on my soap box so just sit back enjoy the ride and deal for a bit!!!

I had to pay dearly for my schooling but a lady down the road from me who came to this country illegally gets money monthly to live on, food stamps to buy food, her rent is paid for by my taxes, and she gets free schooling to earn an education. Why if I were born here, and apply for a grant which I did but I was told straight to my face that the agency; a state runned agency said to me that they are required to give a certain number of minorities what she called a free ride? EXCUSE ME!!! I didn't fit in that catagory. Are politicians that stupid. Are todays politicians and I know many and most of who I know have a good moral sense of values. That is by the way a rarety. But I do know a few who have the utmost respect for everyday good hearted values. However, for the remaining there isn't one in particular but the majority of them have not considered a person like myself should have been given some kind of a chance to apply and be accepted for assistance if my circumstances warranted assistance. But that isn't how it works.


And what about how to talk to people these days. What the hell is Ebonics! Ebonics is an American black english regarded as a language in its own right rather than as a dialect of standard English. When did the pronounciation or the enunciation of words come into play. In school we were taught how to say things properly. No to speak broken english. When is it common place for individuals not to learn the English language. If you come to my country legally and want to live here I would think it should be required to learn the language fully. Not to be allowed to speak in their language in front of otheres so we cannot understand. That to me is complete disrepect. Yup can you tell I am a we bit peeved abouth this...


I just cannot understand today's youth. The fact that a parent would say to me, I'm sorry I am late coming down for breakfast with my girls at 11:30, but I couldn't get my girls out of bed... What happen to telling them if you want to eat breakfast come now of you lose out. And then when I said I caould offer them some cereal  the mom was quite nice and said thank you. So then the girls went to get themselves cereal, but did they have to take their grubby hands and scoop out the cereal without the scoop. This caused me to have to throw the entire glass container that I just filled out in the garbage. I mean the scoop was right there. Are they that clueless? The mess they left was so bad I was just amazed. The mom came in again and said thank you again, I was polite and said your welcome and she looked at the mess and said absolutely nothing. Like it was ok for the girls to make this mess. She asked if I was ok and I said nothing. I think she could tell I was pissed off. But she said nothing. My bossed asked me about the mess and I proceeded to tell her maybe a wee bit loud the story of what happend. She wanted to say something to the parent and I said not worth your breath to tell people who think they are priviledged or just don't care that they are wrong. I made the lady aware with no words spoken that I was BS...


I think this enough for you swallow. So in conclusion Let's wake up and give the kids of today a clue.


Please leave a comment, I would love to know what you think...

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