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Mixed Gently and Not Shaken!

September 9, 2019

As many of you may know last year was a huge struggle medically and physically for me. I fought the good fight and conquered. So I was mixed up with lots of health issues and not shaken to the point of no return. Which gets me to the title of this blog post. This is a rendition of a friends blog " Shaken not Stirred" The woman who will remain nameless for her protection inspires me and is part of a very close tribe of women who we protect, support and care very much about. 

     I have been very much absent in writing my blog. Life has just been too crazy and unorganized to the point that my focus has totally jumped off the wagon. I am back and fighting the good fight. I will conquer. I am woman hear me roar! And I mean I will roar!!!

     So to begin with, I have spoken with a few people who are in my tribe, women who I consider my closest tribe members. I share things with these women that I ordinarily wouldn't share with others. These women are my closest of peeps. We share intimate details of our lives none of which are social media worthy as intimate details should remain locked within the heart you share with. Never to be shared with others in anyway shape or form. That to my is sacrilegious. Never betray the confidence you have with your closet tribe members.

     I am blessed beyond words that I have these women to share my life with and theirs with me. So here goes my precious peeps.  I have had a few barriers to jump over in past months. I have had a huge struggle to create and to be heard. I for whatever, and have had to jump large hoops in order to have what I have accomplished be appreciated.

     I was told recently that it isn't my time to quit and drop everything from this business. I was told I am very talented. Yes I will agree to a point that I do have talent. Most of which is self taught. Anything I have done I have done with very little help. I have jumped huge hurdles and have conquered the task of being published. Not once but a total of 7 times. I think that is pretty good for what I intended to do. I have loved and will continue to love teaching what I have learned in this business. I want to teach or lecture in the larger shows. I know I have the talent and what the public want to learn. I know I have a great work ethic. I love teaching free motion quilting and always make my classes fun. I have a new group of classes I am wanting posted on my What I Can I Teach You Page. Is there something you or your group would love to learn and want a teacher who can do it. And, have fun, laugh and while doing it. Contact me by emailing me at I would love to chat with you. 

      I will be doing a few new things this fall. One of which is getting back to designing. I since my laptop has been down have been in a virtual funk without my program for quilt designs. I have missed it so much. You can almost say my creative juice was burnt out, so to speak. Well that too will be changed as the laptop is being looked at. With all the hope in the world I won't have to replace the laptop. That would be a bit tragic. But I will conquer. Life is not lost. There will be a plan to go forward. But, until then again there is always a plan. 

     I also have plans to begin a "Tackle Tuesday" video series beginning in October. How to tackle your domestic sewing machine. Typically I would focus on one brand however if there are folks who have other than a Janome which I own, no worries I will be able to help you the best I can. Sometimes you have an issue that you just need another point of view and someone new to see what is what. I have always been a Janome girl!!! It's one of my favorite brand of machines.

     That along with posting what I will be working on during the week should spark the interest of many. If you like or even love what you see invite your friends to follow along. Comment below and share what you want to see, what you want to learn. Sign up for my newsletter which will also be starting up again. I am excited to share my new journey in the quilting world with you.

     I am thrilled to pieces to be back and would love to hear from you all. Comment below and let me know what you think, what you want to see posted. I look forward to hearing from you all.






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